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Renovated milk tea shops are easier to operate

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  • Generally, the milk tea shops we see are small ones. Although the space is small, they have all kinds of internal organs. The operation of the milk tea shop can be done by two to three people, and the tools required for making milk tea are not very many. The operation is also very simple. So, plan the decoration design of the milk tea shop reasonably to ensure that all aspects of its functions can be achieved. What are the key points to pay attention to in the decoration design of a milk tea shop?

    1、 Designed functional layout

    The storefront space of milk tea shops is generally relatively smaller than other catering spaces, with an area mostly ranging from 10 to 20 square meters. But although sparrows are small, they have all five organs. When designing the decoration of a milk tea shop, attention should be paid to the operating area, seating area, and the golden triangle area of the production area according to the division of various functional areas within the shop. The three regions need to form assembly lines and be interconnected to meet the dual needs of milk tea point operators and customers.

    2、 Decorative design of storefronts and storefronts

    As a fashion beverage store, it is important to personalize roll selection. As the target audience is mostly young people, use names that are easy to write, easy to remember, and easy to associate with to showcase the brand. For the decoration design of milk tea shops, the following aspects are mainly highlighted: prominent colors, vivid images, and rich associations.

    3、 Decoration design style

    Store decoration generally adopts a relatively light and tidy decoration design style. For example, when choosing decoration materials, try to use wooden or organic materials as much as possible, and less choose mechanical materials such as stone. Lighting is a good decorative material to showcase space. When decorating and designing fashionable beverage stores such as milk tea shops, efforts can be made in the interior lighting design to increase the strong fashion, warmth, romance, and atmosphere inside the store.

    Having said these things, I believe everyone has gained some insights into the decoration of milk tea shops. The design of functional layout, the decoration design of storefronts and storefronts, and the decoration design style can all be used for reference. How to choose a milk tea franchise brand? This is a question that many people consider when choosing to join a store, after all, a good milk tea brand with a good reputation and taste can bring more profits.

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