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Cost of beverage franchise stores

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  • Winter has arrived, and drinking a warm cup of milk tea and other hot drinks on cold weather is very comfortable for many people. Many people think about having a hot drink while shopping or sitting in the office. When shopping, you can buy from a beverage shop on the street, and place an order for takeout at home or in the office. The current view of beverage franchise stores is lively, but the cost of different brands of beverage franchise stores varies, which gives investors room to think. Let's take a look at several influencing factors.

    1. Where to open a store. The location of the milk tea shop has an impact on the milk tea transfer fee and store rent. Usually, the rent of milk tea shops in different places varies and is directly related to the location. If you open a milk tea shop near the school or in a commercial area, the rent may be relatively high due to the high pedestrian flow in the area; Opening a store in an area with low traffic, although rent is cheap, it is not conducive to the operation of a milk tea shop.

    2. What consumers are the milk tea stores targeting. Before opening a milk tea shop, it is necessary to target which consumers. If the milk tea shop is positioned as a high consumer group, greater costs need to be invested in the decoration and materials of the milk tea shop, so that the milk tea shop can meet this consumer positioning; But if the positioning of a milk tea shop is for mid to low end consumption, the initial investment will be relatively less. Only by positioning well can we determine whether the initial investment should be higher or lower.

    3. Which milk tea brand to join. Joining a milk tea shop requires a franchise fee, which is a part of the cost. Generally speaking, different franchise fees are different. Joining a relatively complete milk tea brand also incurs higher franchise fees. However, if a brand is still in the development stage, its franchise fees will be relatively low.

    This article mainly shares with everyone the three major factors that affect the franchise cost of a store. Don't underestimate the influence of these factors, as they have a significant impact on the establishment and operation of the initial store. If we grasp these three factors well, it will still be helpful for the operation of our store. It can not only open up the market but also obtain good profits, which is what store operators are willing to see.

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