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Methods for making ice cream powder

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  • What if everyone wants to eat cold ice cream and doesn't want to go out and buy it? So make ice cream at home, just choose our manufacturer to produce ice cream powder. What are the steps for making ice cream powder?

    Find a clean container and add 100ml of milk and 100ml of water to it. While stirring, pour 100g of ice cream powder into it until evenly stirred.

    Then, let it stand still at room temperature for 15 minutes. To prevent ice chatter during the freezing process, we can choose to use an electric egg beater to stir for about 4 minutes until it becomes sticky.

    Freeze in the refrigerator for 2-5 hours and enjoy. When it's time, you can come out and dig and eat. The taste is delicate and smooth, very delicious.

    Remember, the ratio of milk, water, and ice cream powder is 1:1:1.

    You can also replace the milk with other pure juice according to your own taste.

    The above is the production method. You can also choose Changzhou Lianfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to produce vegetable fat powder for ice cream. The wholesale price is discounted, please contact us.

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