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Store management should pay attention to hygiene

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  • The current operation of milk tea shops can be said to be in full swing, with streets and alleys everywhere. Some are self operated, while others have joined milk tea chain brands. Generally speaking, the experience of milk tea chain franchise is more large-scale and detailed, and there are also standards for various aspects of operation. In fact, whether it's a milk tea shop or a dessert shop or other food and beverage shop, the important thing is to pay attention to hygiene, followed by service. If these two aspects are not done well, even if the taste is good, it will affect customers' purchasing behavior. What aspects should the operation of a store focus on hygiene? This is what business personnel have been thinking about!

    Firstly, we need to maintain environmental hygiene in milk tea shops. Whether it is a milk tea shop or other catering establishments, the environmental hygiene of the storefront must be maintained at all times. The hygiene of the storefront is guaranteed, which not only makes consumers feel clean and tidy when entering the store, but also prevents the breeding of flies, mosquitoes, and other pests, ensuring the hygiene and health of milk tea products.

    Secondly, the salesperson needs to maintain cleanliness and tidiness. Employees working in a milk tea shop should maintain their own cleanliness and tidiness. If consumers see employees in a milk tea shop looking messy, their impression of the shop will be negative.

    Additionally, it is important to clean regularly. The control desk is a place to work every day, and every cup of milk tea purchased by consumers is born from the control desk. Therefore, for milk tea shops, the hygiene of the control desk is very important. After each cup of milk tea is made, the operating platform should be cleaned once to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene.

    We started with the emphasis on hygiene in milk tea shops and learned how to grasp and implement hygiene work similar to that in food and beverage stores. If we cannot maintain environmental hygiene, the shop staff are messy, or the operating desk that is often cooked is not clean, it will all have a very negative impact. It also has an impact on the production of our milk tea drinks, so we should pay attention to these aspects!

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