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Which foods cannot be eaten with milk tea

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  • There are many milk tea shops nowadays, and milk tea has become a common beverage in our daily lives. Many young people love to drink milk tea, and the sales of milk tea can be said to be very good. Do you know that some foods cannot be consumed with milk tea? Many people are puzzled and unclear about this situation. Let me share with you some of the foods that cannot be eaten with milk tea. I hope our introduction will be helpful to everyone.

    Milk tea and chives: Milk tea contains calcium, which is the main component of teeth and bones. However, chives contain oxalic acid, which can hinder the absorption of calcium in milk tea.

    Milk tea and oranges: Because milk tea contains protein and oranges contain fruit acid, the protein reacts with fruit acid and solidifies quickly, making it difficult to absorb in the stomach, causing poor gastric motility and leading to bloating, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

    Milk tea and black fish: Eating milk tea and black fish together can easily lead to poisoning, so when eating black fish, do not drink any dairy products such as milk tea. If you are not careful to eat them together, you can use mung bean soup because mung bean soup has good effects.

    Many people feel puzzled when they see this place. There are so many foods that cannot be eaten with milk tea, and they don't pay attention to these details in their daily lives. In fact, spinach, chocolate, and other foods should not be consumed together when drinking milk tea. In the future, we will take you to learn more about milk tea, so that you can drink tea with confidence and be responsible for your own health.

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