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Characteristics and uses of non-dairy powder

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  • non-dairy powder is a commonly added adjunct when making milk tea. In order to help everyone better judge the advantages and disadvantages of non-dairy powder, the editor here introduces the characteristics and usage of non-dairy powder.

    1、 Basic characteristics: The non-dairy powder is made of plant fat, glucose syrup, milk protein, demulsifier, anti caking agent, thickening agent and other key raw materials through spray drying equipment.

    2、 Key features: Good flowability, good stability when exposed to heat, with a milky white powder appearance and a pure milk aroma. The solution is a milky white liquid with a mild and smooth taste. This product has special efficacy in food production and production processing.

    3、 Main use: Improve product color, chromaticity, reduce astringency, improve taste, improve flavor, and enhance instant product. Key uses: protein powder, solid drinks, meal replacement milkshakes, coffee, and milk tablets.

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