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Ingredients for Coffee Companions

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  • When we are sleepy, we will choose to drink coffee, mainly can play a refreshing role, coffee companion is the use of an ingredient in drinking coffee, and it plays a very important embellishment effect, then what are the specific ingredients of coffee companion? We asked an expert to explain the ingredients of a coffee companion.

    On the front of the coffee companion, there are three small words: "plant fat powder". What is it? One ingredient, it says, is "glucose syrup," a slightly sweet mixture of hydrolyzed starch that thickens the solution. The two components are "hydrogenated vegetable oil", that is, a semi-solid oil formed by artificial catalytic hydrogenation of soybean oil or canola oil. The three ingredients are sodium caseinate, followed by three types of food additives: stabilizers, emulsifiers and anticoagulants.

    After our introduction, I believe that everyone should understand the ingredients of the coffee companion, and there will be no questions about this when drinking coffee in the future, the society is developing, and the coffee will become more and more drinkable, of course, the coffee companion believes that there will be new upgrades, at present, the development prospects of this market are very good, and you can rest assured to invest.

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